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Lighting Solutions

Lighting design and solutions for diverse project types around the world,  specializing in the fields of museum exhibition, architectural and special events.

  • Concept and Design:

    Comprehensive lighting design services for every project from schematic design to installation.

  • Logistical Planning and Coordination:

    The process is essential. Manager, operate, and technicians develop a detailed plan in order to perfect execution of your show.

  • Technical and Professional Services:

    Professional jobs need quality. The specialization in entertainment and tech field, allows us to meet the event goal with special attention to detail.

Accurate technical solutions

Lighting design is a special resource with incredible possibilities. Through the relation between light and space, Palm3Light's goal is to find out a project’s highest potential. Customized solutions to each project. Palm3light work a hands-on approach to offer clients the perfect end result, bringing counseling and resolutions in the whole process.

For custom services or other questions, please contact us.

Carlos Torres

Technology, Art & Sustainability

Variety of installations

Palm3Light is specialized in the field of museums, exhibits, architecture, trade shows, and other special event lighting design. We contribute a tech and creative point of view for every project, without obviating sustainable practices.

We use LED Systems in order to create a multimedia surface to play contents above the own infrastructure, controlling connectivity and widening possibilities.

Our suppliers provide us the best brands of reliable products and softwares, such as MA, Madrix Lighting Control, and DiGidot C4 Controller, Robe and Clay Paky.

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